The 1% Rule – Continuous Improvement

If you move the needle forward 1% in every part of your life, every single day, what would your life look like in 1 year?

The 1% Rule

Simple maths tells you that you’d experience a 365% increase across your life. This sounds impressive!

However we know that life is not linear. In reality, we have to take into account the power of time, compounding and exponential growth. From your school maths days, you’ll remember that compounding  can transform incremental growth to exponential growth.

Moving the needle forward by 1% per day gives a 365% improvement. This is 3.6X better over a year.

Why the 1% Rule Matters

But when we include the power of compounding, we see truly astounding results.

1% compounded over the course of 365 days gives us a 3,700% increase. Yes, 3,700%! This means you can in theory be 37X better if you apply the power of the 1% rule each day.

The pragmatics of life mean that we’ll likely have down days as well as up days. But don’t underestimate the importance of seeking small, daily improvement. Over time and through the power of compounding, you can transform yourself in any area of your life you choose.

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